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  • Sunday
    9:30am Sunday school
    10:25-10:45 am Fellowship break
    10:45am Worship Service
  • Friday Evening
    7:00-8:30pm Bible Studies (all ages)


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Christian Education Awards Program

We are very excited about our awards program for our Christian Education Department (grades K through 6th) which chronicles your child’s walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. An attractive award plaque is designed as a wall display to remind our boys and girls of Jesus’ place in their lives and to serve as a tool for child to child witnessing. This program is designed to promote regular attendance in Sunday School and active participation in other children’s programs offered at Acton Faith Bible Church. Any child’s participation in the program must begin with regular attendance in a Christian Education group.

"My Walk with Jesus Christ"


The foundational plaque is awarded when a child has attended their age appropriate class four consecutive Sundays each quarter (for example: the quarter of June 1 to Aug. 31; the child must attend four consecutive Sundays) during fiscal year June 1 to May 31. This program is designed to begin with kindergarten class and continue through the sixth grade class; although students are welcome to start at any point in the program.


A series of bars can be earned for attending each class, and are made to hang from the wall plaque. Bars will be awarded in each of the following programs:

If a child has attended Sunday School 50% of the Sundays in a year, that child will receive a bar for that class upon promotion to the next class each September. For example, a combination class, such as 3rd and 4th grade, must be attended for two years for that bar.

Lessons, games and crafts for ages 4-6 during the Sunday morning worship service.Attendance must be at least 50% and a bar will be awarded at the end of first grade when a child is promoted to Children’s Church.

Bible lessons for ages 2nd to 4th grade during the Sunday morning worship service.Attendance must be at least 50% and a bar will be awarded at the end of fourth grade when the child promotes out of Children’s Church.
This bar will be awarded when a child has attended the entire week of VBS.

Following the same guidelines as Sunday School, Noah’s Ark and Children’s Church; a bar will be awarded for attending at least 50% of the meetings held during that fiscal year.