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Creation Thought - Part 10

Continuing with the subject of “Intelligent Design,” consider the human eye.  Darwin himself recognized that the eye was complex and would be difficult to explain by evolution.  Since his time, a great deal more has been discovered about the eye and we now know that it is much, much more complex than he thought.

For example, the eyeball itself is made up of three totally different layers of tissue, each of which serves a specific, necessary function.  These tissues are opaque so that light cannot enter the eye except in the front where the outer layer forms the perfectly clear cornea and the middle layer forms an adjustable opening called the iris.  The innermost layer does not cover the front of the eye.

The cornea and the fluid-filled space behind it refract light just enough to help focus incoming light properly onto the retina.  The light is further refracted by an automatically adjustable lens so we can easily shift our focus from a nearby book to a bird perched on a tree branch 100 feet outside our window.  In addition, lacrimal glands produce a fluid which not only cleans and lubricates the eye 24 hours per day, but also provides antibiotic protection.  There is also a lacrimal sac which catches the constant flow of fluid and drains it into the nasal cavity for disposal.

The retina contains two different types of specialized sensory cells, rods and cones, which allow you to see in both “black and white” and color.  When light hits these cells, a complex chemical reaction occurs which transmits an electro-chemical signal to the occipital lobe of the brain for interpretation.  Of course, the eye, with all of its many parts, would be totally useless without the brain and the proper nerve connections to the brain, yet evolution says all of this must have happened by a long series of fortunate accidents.  What faith evolutionists must have!!!

Although there is much more to the evolution/creation controversy than I have been able to write about these last 10 months, this will be the last “Creation Thought” for the Pony Express.  However, I would love to talk to anyone who might like to discuss the subject and would urge you to check into it further yourself.  Our church library has several books and videos on creation.  In addition, Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research both have lots of good information on their websites.

– Bill Rogers

Originally printed in the Acton Faith Bible Church Pony Express. Vol. II, No. 02, February 2009.


“Give ear and come to me, hear me, that your soul may live.”

– Isaiah 55:3